Milk: The New Key To A Man's Happiness

Let's be honest. Although for years the media has addressed the subject of premenstrual syndrome from the point of view of women's pain, we all know that when it comes PMS the ones who suffer the most are men. That's right, men: the innocent victims in the battle against hormones, forced monthly to endure a minimum 5-day stretch of traumatizing mood swings at the hands of the women in their lives. At least according to the California Milk Processor Board. 

The dairy organization and the creative agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners (the same people who have brought you "Got milk?" ads for nearly two decades) have heard the pain of men worldwide and they are taking action with their latest advertisement efforts begetting the question, "Are you a man living with PMS?" The campaign claims to cite studies, which have found that milk, or more specifically the calcium in milk, can help reduce the symptoms of PMS. The ads will not start appearing until sometime next week, but if you are a man requiring more immediate relief you might want to visit the campaign's website, with the catchy and aptly-titled url of

OK, ladies, we won't torture you any more with this silliness — we think this campaign is just as ridiculous as you do. We understand the Board is trying to appeal to a new demographic, considering that most of their older promos were more female friendly, but this is taking it a bit far. Not to mention, that unless the campaign is also suggesting that men force-feed women milk, we seriously doubt that spreading the news about the newfound benefits of calcium is going to have much of an effect. Seriously, guys, spare us the pity party! 

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