Milk Apparently Also Linked to Nobel Prizes

It's the best case for drinking tons of chocolate milk

Last year, word got out that the country that eats the most chocolate also wins the most Nobel prizes, and we all decided to just go ahead and eat that chocolate cupcake anyways.

Turns out, however, that chocolate might not be the only Nobel-prize-winning food; a new study published in the British journal Practical Neurology found that nations that consumed the most milk and dairy products, per capita, also won the most Nobel Prizes per capita. And that country, it turns out, is Sweden. 

Sweden's stats? For every 10 million Swedes, TIME reports, 31.833 Nobel prices. For every Swede? 772 pound of milk each on average a year.

China made the bottom of the list, with .06 Nobel Prizes per 10 million people, and less than 110 pounds of milk consumed per person per year.

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Obviously, correlation doesn't mean causation, but TIME does note that the correlation between chocolate and Nobel Prizes is stronger, meaning we can continue our unhealthy chocolate-milk-only habit. It's the only way, guys.