Miley Cyrus Loves Hybrid Foods

The 20-year-old celebrity talks twerking, licking, and food on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'
Kathy Griffin at the LA Food and Wine Festival

The never-shy comedienne shares her thoughts on LA food and NY donuts


Hear what Miley has to say about her favorite hybrid food!

"I can do more than twerk and lick stuff," claimed Miley Cyrus during her interview with Jimmy Fallon on his late-night show.

The young singer has been the center of controversy involving those two subject matters lately. She chatted with Fallon casually about all of the "drama" surrounding her life and discussed her interview with Rolling Stone magazine. After taking a two-hour drive to go skydiving with the reporter, Cyrus  and her entourage decided to take a little trip to grab one of her favorite foods.

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"I don’t know if you read but we had one of the best things ever, a burrito burger," she gushed. "It is a burrito burger hybrid — it is one of the best things you could possibly imagine." 

Where can you get this magical dish? A fast-food joint in Perris, Calif., called Baker’s Drive Thru. The spot has a ton of cheap, tasty eats and was described by Cyrus’ friend during the interview as a "Mexican White Castle."


Twerk and lick whatever you like Miley, so long as you keep dishing on your favorite spots for great food!