Mile End: Much Ado About Meat

Much Ado About Meat

Mile End is not a delicatessan for the faint of heart. But if you have a voracious appetite for a sandwich chocked full of meat, this is the place to go. Mile End is an updated, modern take on the classic Jewish deli. From perfectly smoked brisket to house-made salami, this Brooklyn deli has attracted a lot of praise in the two short years since it opened, giving us all hope that the fine art of sandwich-making is still alive and well.

Don't expect your sandwich to be piled high with the familiar accoutrements. The focus here is on the meat and it is showcased on thin slices of bread or a traditional roll with little more than a swipe of mustard. I stopped in for the first time this afternoon for a late lunch, and sampled the salami on an onion roll and their smoked sandwich, an intimidating mound of cured and smoked brisket on rye. The salami had just the perfect hint of mustard throughout, giving it a tangy bite, while the brisket practically melted in your mouth. The gang at Mile End know their meats well, so if you have been looking for a serious sandwich, look no further.

97A Hoyt St (btwn Atlantic Ave & Pacific St)
Brooklyn, NY 11217
$ $