The Mighty Cone: Two Types of People, Those Who Cone...

Two Types of People, Those Who Cone...

There are two types of people in this world, those who put hot 'n' crunchy on food and those who don’t. Chef Jeff Blank is the former. In fact, that’s practically his motto. "If it sits still long enough, we'll put Hot 'n' Crunchy on it," notes The Mighty Cone's website. This successful truck was actually kind of born out of the Austin City Limits Festival. The story goes that Blank was approached "to entice local restaurants to join the festival’s food court," decided to experiment with a sous chef’s fish breading on different foods, which were then served in cones. Now, Blank’s truck menu features staple cones filled with Hot ‘n’ Crunchy chicken, avocado, and shrimp, and Austinites, well let’s just say they’ve become coneheads.

1720 Barton Springs Rd (Sterzing St)
Austin, TX 78704

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