Midnight Cowboy: Shhhhh


Brian Dressel and Bill Norris are to be thanked for swooping in and offering locals and visitors alike a respectable haven from  both the allures and threats of sixth street night life.  This by-reservation only establishment has refined what was a thirty-year brothel into a brooding bar.  The interior speaks of a boy's club of the likes of Mad Men - dark, plush leather booths, a heavy dose of printed wall paper, dark wooden floors still ripe of stain, and minimal lighting - let's not neglect the only mention of food - a sausage to table program available upon request...  After buzzing in and being escorted to your table you are offered simple paper menus.  Be prepared to read so that you might make an informed order.  If busy, tables are limited to two hour stays so do make the most of it.  Simple rules are stated - no cell phones, nothing illegal, and don't get too frollicky.  


After much debating, I tried the "lovebirds" and "joe buck" house drinks.  Lovebirds really shines with sparkling rosé, tequila, and bright notes of watermelon-taragon.  All drinks come in traditional and appropriate glasses.  Our server was handsome and appropriately thoughtful and reserved, but I must admit another server did not seem dressed or prepared to play the part of the dedicated mixologist proprietor, so much so that I was convinced someone snuck in off the street to play what would have been a hilarious trick.  


The drinks were top-rate - gorgeous pairings, rich scents, boozy, and easy to get to know.  I think I may be craving more fantasy from my trip to Midnight Cowboy... candlelight?  A discreet live singer whispering a lamentful tune?  Should all the drinks be prepared at table?  Please make no mistake, I enjoyed my evening, perhaps its success lies in its ability to create longing in its guests - a yearning to have more of the same - drinks worth toasting and the quiet conversations they stir.  

313 E 6th St
Austin, TX 78701
$ $ $