New Frozen Coffee Cup Can Microwave a Brew in 4 Minutes

New coffee company, Wiki Wakey, has invented a cup of freezer coffee to take the edge off your morning

We’ve all had those mornings. You get up and you’re tired, all you want — nay, all you need — is a cup of coffee, but the thought of making one is too taxing. You’re already running late and don’t have time to stop by your favorite coffee shop for a quick caffeine fix before going to the office. Well, worry no more: Wiki Wakey, a coffee company devoted to going green, has just invented a new way of having your morning cup. Behold the frozen coffee cup that will brew up in the microwave in four minutes flat.

Said John Goerke, the owner of Wiki Wakey, you don't need special equipment to have a quality cup of coffee at home. "Everyone has a freezer and everyone has a microwave." To satiate the adventurous coffee drinker, the product will be offered in six different varieties: a dark roast, a light roast, a decaf, vanilla-flavored, and two single origins. That way, the only decision you’ll have to make when standing bleary-eyed over your freezer door is what type of coffee suits you best.

For those who are worried about the taste of freezer coffee, don't fret: the company has invented a new way of deep-freezing the coffee straight after brewing. That way, the coffee still captures all of the flavor and diversity of the bean, leaving you with the high-quality coffee you would expect from a self-declared artisan roaster. Will it stand up to a spin in the microwave? Well, that’s something you’ll have to try out for yourself. 

The product will be available in Southern California supermarkets and speciality stores in the coming weeks. You can also order cases direct from Wiki Wakey.