This Microwave Plays Videos as You Cook

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It helps you kill time as you heat up last night's pizza
This Microwave Plays Videos as You Cook
YouTube/<A href="">tianrun324</a>

At the PennApps Demo Hackathon, some participants decided to hack their own microwave and hook it up with an iPad. Supposedly, the iPad taped onto the microwave (or, μWave) will find a YouTube video to entertain you as your food cooks, timing it so the cute puppy video ends when your food is ready.

There are a couple hiccups, as demonstrated in this demo video, but the team only had two days to build this, and the concept is brilliant. If this gets mass-produced, we can spend our lunch time watching pet raccoons eating at a dinner table. (Mothers everywhere will still tell you not to stand in front of the microwave, however.)

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