Michelin Ignores Noma And More News

The Daily Meal rounds up the biggest news from the food world.

Noma Stuck with Two Stars: René Redzepi's uber-famous Nordic restaurant failed to grab a third Michelin star this year, while other Copenhagen restaurants Den Røede Cottage, Geranium, Grønbech & Churchill, and Relæ received their first. [Businessweek]

Road Trip Food Gets Healthy: The man behind New York's organic hot dog stands is now opening organic food stores along the highway, giving people healthier options for their road trips. Where's the fun in that? [NY Times]

Thieves Steal 500-Pound Beehive: A 500-pound beehive was stolen from outside a Texas restaurant, with about 5,000 bees inside. The hive was worth some $1,000, and while it was stolen on a rainy day when bees are inactive, we're positive the thieves didn't stuff anything down their pants. [CBS]

Britain's Biggest Burger Beats Strasburger in Calories: While the new Strasburger at Nationals Park weighs 8 pounds, Britain's biggest burger has 7 pounds of beef, nine rashers of bacon, and 18,000 calories. That's at least 8,000 more than the Strasburger. [Daily Mail]

Fair-Trade Items Are Getting Big, Especially Ice Cream: Sale of fair-trade products reportedly increased 75 percent this year, 95 percent of which were foodstuffs. In the frozen dessert department, fair-trade sales went up 394 percent. [HuffPo]