Michelin Announces New Star Restaurants in France

France gets a new three-star restaurant, and 64 restaurants in total are awarded Michelin stars this year
L’assiette Champenoise

A sous chef preparing one of L’assiette Champenoise's three star dishes.

Michelin has announced the 2014 star ratings for its Michelin Guide in France. It’s the moment the gourmet food world waits for each year, as chefs around the globe hold their breath and wait for the coveted three star — or even one star — review.  This year, 64 restaurants in France landed in the guide but the only French restaurant to receive the coveted three-star review was L’assiette Champenoise in Reims, helmed by chef Arnaud Lallement. The restaurant upped its game from last year’s two-star review, and if you’re lucky enough to dine in this Champagne-region eatery, you may dine upon a truffle sandwich or blackened pork with bacon and foie gras.

“Ultimately, by seeking the finest ingredients throughout France, Arnaud Lallement uses his remarkable know-how and technique to design dishes of great finesse,” Michael Ellis, the international director of the Michelin Guide, said of the restaurant.

The restaurant joins the ranks of 27 other three-star restaurants in France .

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The six new two-star restaurants in France include, Villa Madie in Cassis, La Table du Connétable in Chantilly, Le Kintessence in Courchevel 1850, Le Chambard in Kayseberg, Il Cortile in Mulhouse — whose chef is the first Italian in France to be awarded two stars — and Akrame in Paris whose chef Akrame Benallal is only 33-years-old, which re-inforced a recent trend. Seven of the 57 one-star restaurants were awarded to chefs under 30.