Michelin Announces 2014 Stars for Europe’s Main Cities


A seafood dish, one of the many dishes with creative presentation at The Funky Gourmet, served on ice.

Michelin just announced the starred and recommended restaurants for its 2014 Michelin Guide to the Main Cities of Europe which includes one new three-star restaurant, 10 new two-star restaurants and 67 new one-star restaurants. The highlights of the guide are definitely the new three-star gem, Diverxo, an Iberian/Asian fusion restaurant in Madrid, Spain, as well as Athens newcomer, The Funky Gourmet, which received two stars for its “immeasurable thought, creativity, and above all, the taste which matches the playfulness.

”Some Western European and Nordic regions are well-represented in this year’s guide, which is a refreshing evolution from past years. Bord’eau in the Netherlands received two stars, as did a host of other eateries in The Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Norway, and Denmark in addition to the numerous entries in Paris and Spain.

“We’ve witnessed the rise of global influences and the adoption of modern cooking techniques but we’ve also observed a growing sense of pride and passion in the celebration of indigenous cooking,” said Michelin editor Rebecca Burr.

For diners on a bit of a tighter budget, Michelin also released 270 “Bib Gourmands” for excellent, cheaper restaurants around the world. See the full guide here 

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