Michaela’s Map: Australia’s Wine & Wildlife

Michaela’s Map: Australia’s Wine & Wildlife
Wine & Wildlife in Australia

Michaela Guzy of OhThePeopleYouMeet.com takes us on a wine and wildlife tour of Australia.

Watch as the Michaela’s Map crew explores several of the sixty winemaking regions down under, from the acclaimed Barossa Valley to the up-and-coming Mudgee region.

The country’s geographic size and diversity mean almost every time of soil and climate can be found here, ideal for winemaking.

Australia has over 2,000 wineries, a third of which are family-owned, with 50% of the wine being produced in South Australia, with its cool weather and light varietals ideal for pairing with local cheeses. The region is known for chardonnay, pinot noir and its abundance of native animals.

The Barossa Valley may be best known for its Shiraz, a full-bodied red with notes of chocolate and spice, but we met local winemakers who create everything from Cabernet Sauvignon to crisp whites named after the Great White sharks just off the shores of the Eyre Peninsula- no drinking and shark diving please! And in Victoria, the cooler climate is ideal for pinot noir, pinot gris and fruity chardonnay.

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Along with the varietals, Australia as a variety of wildlife. Where else in the world can you sip a glass of wine at sunset in a field of kangaroos? See more at: OhThePeopleYouMeet.com.