Michael Ruhlman Writing 6 New Books Just, You Know, Because

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The first one, 'The Book of Schmaltz,' will be published September 2013
Michael Ruhlman
Donna Turner Ruhlman

Cookbook author and known Thomas Keller-collaborator Michael Ruhlman has signed on to write six books for Little, Brown and Company, starting with a love song to chicken fat called The Book of Schmaltz.

According to a press release, the cookbooks will be published in print and electronic formats, and all will be single-subject books.

The Book of Schmaltz: Love Song to a Forgotten Fat will be published first in September 2013, demonstrating how to cook chicken fat in both traditional Jewish recipes as well as modern dishes.

The second cookbook will be called Egg, slated for April 2014, with 75 recipes for eggs, obviously. "Scrambled eggs and angel food cake and ice cream and aioli and popovers and gougères and macarons and a gin fizz aren’t separate dishes, they’re all part of the egg continuum, they are all one thing," Ruhlman writes, somewhat philosophically.

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Ruhlman's remaining cookbook topics have yet to be decided; the remaining four will be single-topic books focusing on one technique, with an extended essay and 20 to 25 recipes demonstrating that single cooking technique. We suppose we'll just get really good at cooking sous vide, or something like that.