Michael Mina Wants You to Vote on His 'Stache

For the opening of his new restaurant The Handle Bar, he and his team grew mustaches for you to vote on

The Daily Meal's (mostly female) staff does have a thing for bearded chefs, but mustachioed? We have yet to make up your minds.

Luckily, Michael Mina's team behind his new restaurant The Handle Bar in Jackson Hole, Wy., has decided to help us out. According to a press release, the "great fear of having frozen upper lips" in Wyoming sparked the entire male population of the team to grow mustaches, the ultimate upper lip accessory.

Naturally, most members of the team are returning to their proper, warm homes after opening, but they figured they'd get some good PR and social media hype from their mustaches. So, they uploaded photo of every mustache on the team and put them up to a vote.


First up is obviously Michael Mina himself, rocking a a horseshoe mustache, while others have donned pencil mustaches, a fu manchu mustache, and a chevron mustache. Unfortunately, we don't see any killer imperial staches, but mad props to number six (the photo with inverted colors) for a proper handlebar. Check out an infographic of mustache styles here, and vote over here. Polls close at 12:01 a.m. (we presume local time) on Jan. 1, so get your votes in before the countdown.