5 New Reasons to Love Michael McCarty's Restaurants

We asked McCarty about some new developments we've noted at his restaurants

Michael McCarty

Iconic on both coasts, Michael’s is where Manhattan media powerhouses go to see and be seen, and where ABC News in Los Angeles went looking for Oscar Night party tips.

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So many restaurateurs who have attained the great level of success that Michael McCarty has tend to stick to their winning formua when they open a new place instead of pushing the envelope. They tend to maintain the same concepts year-in and year-out at their flagship venues — to the point where even fans are hankering for a reinvention. 

However, as one of the foremost restaurateurs in California, Michael McCarty is known for always introducing something new, fun, and timely. We sat down with him to talk about five new things we’ve noted about Michael’s recently.

Lena Katz, JustLuxe


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