Miami Hotel Offers Package to Boost Intimacy

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Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa adds 2 new relationship-centered packages to their 'mini-experience' series
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With work, a family to take care of, or school classes to attend, finding some time for yourself — to relax, go to the gym, or even to just watch TV — is often easier said than done. At Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa in Miami, a series of "mini-experiences" has been launched to target people who are in need of a break but who find it hard to take longer periods of time off for a vacation. The two- to three-day packages are all focused around different health themes, including weight loss, relaxation, bone health, and detox. Now, two new relationship-focused packages have been added: the "Couples Mini Intimacy Experience" and the "Couples Mini Babymoon."

"The existing packages have been extremely well received by guests, who have reported that by setting aside just two or three days, they are moving forward on a path to wellness," says Karen Koffler, M.D., medical director for Canyon Ranch Miami Beach. "They are realizing that wellness doesn't have to be a dramatic, time-consuming process, just a small step in the right direction. The same can be said for maintaining a healthy and loving relationship."  

The two new packages range from $750 to $1,200 per person for a two-night stay. "Couples Mini Intimacy Experience" includes a 125-minute treatment inspired by a purifying ceremony given to Indonesian royalty, including full body scrubs, a massage, and a "Rasul ceremony," in which couples apply purifying muds to each other and relax surrounded by herbal steam. Couples taking advantage of the package will also get to attend different couples sessions, including a 50-minute session with Canyon Ranch’s sex, passion, and intimacy therapist.

The "Couples Mini Babymoon" is aimed at couples expecting a baby, and focuses on "relaxing and becoming centered," with an 80-minute prenatal massage for the expectant mother and a Canyon Ranch 80-minute signature massage for their partner, as well as a 50-minute breathing and meditation session. Nutrition consultation and a life management session will also be included in the package, as well as a "Babymoon Gift Basket" with gifts for the couple and their new baby.

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Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach is the nation’s first luxury boutique hotel devoted to wellness. The relationship-focused packages are the hotel's newest addition to the five existing mini-experience treatments, all focusing on different aspects of health and nutrition.