Seafood Paella on Miami Beach

Seafood Paella on Miami Beach

Fifi's is one of the real hidden gems you will discover in Miami Beach. It's a nice place, very comfortable with outside seating if you prefer that. As you walk in the door, continue straight ahead and you will see coolers with loads of freshly-caught fish from today's catch that you can select or allow the amazingly engaging wait-staff to choose for you. They will cook it on the grill or fried and many people choose half-and-half, cooked both ways.

The fried fish is fabulous and you will not be disappointed. The chefs will give you anything you want and they will filet it if that's your preference. The apps are great. Try the shrimp in ponzu sauce or the whitefish carpaccio with garlic chips — wonderful. They have also become known for their seafood paella.

There is a meat menu with all kinds of things for the non-fish lovers and the sides are perfect. And generally in my experience, Fifi will send over a free desert for the table, which I promise won't be left there when you leave.

Much of this stuff is inspired by Nobu, who Chef Mayneth "Fifi" Sanchez greatly admires. If you love his food, you will love this place. Also, for the New Yorkers who are used to Milo's, it's a similar kind of deal. Pick your fish and they'll charge you by the weight, but at about half the cost! If you love fresh fish, you won't be disappointed and you will actually have money left to go shopping when you're finished.

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