Mi Cocina at The Collection: Myriad Margaritas

Myriad Margaritas

Dallas-based Tex-Mex eatery Mi Cocina (Spanish for “my kitchen”) has expanded eastward to the DMV and recently opened its latest outpost at The Collection in Chevy Chase. That's right — amid Louis, Jimmy, Tiffany, Christian and Cartier, you can now score some killer brisket tacos and margaritas so strong that they're named for the vehicles that should take you home after (taxi or limo, depending on how you roll). Of course, the Friendship Heights Metro stop is also just a block away… and that's a good thing. Mi Cocina’s signature bevvie is the Mambo Taxi (it’s trademarked!) and is a frozen hybrid of a margarita and sangria featuring a generous pour of Sauza Blanco tequila. Feeling fancy? Upgrade with the Mambo Limousine, which adds a “chambord meltdown.” Having trouble choosing? The appropriately named Dilemma delivers three layers of margarita, including strawberry, Taxi, and mango. Other variations on the marga include a skinny version, two “handmade” versions (one with Herradura Blanco and Grand Marnier, the other with Patron Silver and Patron Citronge), as well as a regular frozen version, a mango frozen version, an agave nectar version and the Cosmo-Rita. Mi Cocina feels decidedly upscale for Tex-Mex but isn’t stuffy (as the designer-studded location might suggest). Of note: A sizable courtyard dining area, mural painted by Mexican artist Luis Sottil, and a glass-enclosed private dining space perfect for your next office happy hour. Just heed this advice: The queso blanco is delish and you’ll need it you’re having more than one cocktail, especially around the boss.

Lauren Sloat, Drink DC