Mexico's 10 Most Popular Guacamole Recipes For Cinco De Mayo

We bet you're looking forward to Cinco de Mayo. How could you not? It is a holiday that is filled with delicious margaritas, lively music, and of course guacamole. While we've already told you how to get the party started, we know you're craving some authenticity for your celebration.

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We've given you the scoop on guacamole before, but did you know every state in Mexico has a different way of preparing this dish?In some regions, dried grasshoppers are added while in others, tomatoes and onions are a no-no. Have you ever thought about adding frozen peas to your signature guac dish? If you added any of these ingredients to your guacamole, you may be replicating one of Mexico's original recipes. To help you make the tastiest, most authentic dish this Cinco de Mayo, some of the country's most noted chefs and restaurants have shared their treasured recipes with us.

Want to see guacamole masters at work? On May 1st, celebrity chef and Top Chef Masters contestant Richard Sandoval is hosting the first Guacamole Fest at his La Sandia Restaurant in Santa Monica. From the Yucatan's shrimp ceviche topped guacamole to a kiwi, jicama, strawberry, mango, and mint infused option courtesy of the Baja area, varieties from each region of Mexico will be represented.

Try and duplicate these recipes at home. Though it might be hard to find dried grasshoppers in your local supermarket, try finding them through an online site like You'll never look at guac the same again, we promise!

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La Sandia's Guacamole Sur


Manny Flores, director of operations at Richard Sandoval's La Sandia in Santa Monica says grasshoppers or "chapulines" are very common in Mexican cuisine. Walk in any food or farmers market and you'll see many kinds of insects from grasshoppers to agave worms and ant larva. "We decided to highlight the grasshopper in our guacamole because they are very common in the south of Mexico."  The all natural, sun-dried grasshoppers are tossed with dried chili and salt to add to their flavor.  They add spice, earthy tones, and texture to foods and as toppings.

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Rancho La Puerta's Aztec Guacamole Baja, Mexico


This Baja health resort uses green vegetables to boost nutritional benefits and reduce fat content. Plus you can substitute a few different types of "greens" in place of avocado.

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