Mexican President Inaugurates Wine Museum

The Baja California Vine and Wine Museum will highlight the region's longstanding tradition of wine making

While we're no stranger to one of Mexico's finest products, tequila, there's one other drink that we've perhaps missed: wine. No more, as president Felipe Calderón has inaugurated the country's first wine museum, Baja California Vine and Wine Museum. 

Calderon also announced a $3.8 million fund for Mexico's wine region, Guadalupe Valley, reports the UT San Diego. He said he hopes the museum and fun will bring more tourism to the region, as well as acknowledgement for the country's wines. “We want this to truly become one of most visited regions of Mexico,” Calderón said in the inauguration. 

Some of the highlights of the museum? Interactive displays, meeting rooms, and an outdoor amphitheater to teach the public about Guadalupe Valley's wines. The region produces more than 90 percent of the country's wine. 

Sound unusual for a museum about wine to open? It's not that unordinary: some of the most renowned wine museums are located in Paris, Bordeaux, Luxembourg, and even Santorini. (Napa Valley even had its own museum before it closed in 2008). We think a country-hopping vacation to these budding museums may be in order.