Mexican Food Is What Americans Were Craving In Quarantine

As Americans continue to navigate statewide coronavirus restrictions, delivery and carryout remain the main form of contact many have with the restaurant industry. Home cooking and carryout have gotten old, though, and people are eager to return to the world of restaurant dine-in. As evidenced by a recent survey, Americans are craving one type of cuisine above the rest. 

What Delivery Food America Is Ordering During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Datassential surveyed 4,000 consumers in the U.S. on what they miss the most about restaurants during the age of statewide stay-at-home orders and social distancing.  Alas, when not trying to make iconic Mexican dishes at home, people are longing for the day they can once again return to the best Mexican restaurants in America

Thirty-six percent of Datassential respondents listed Mexican food as the food they have been "craving or missing the most from restaurants." 

Some Mexican classics like mole are among the foods you should never make at home. Others are so rich in history and tradition, they can be a bit elusive to those unfamiliar with the culture.

After Mexican food, seafood, Asian cuisine, pizza and Italian food round out the top five. Still, food is not all Americans miss about restaurants these days. After all, there is more to food establishments than just eating. Along with missing the social parts of the dine-in experience, there's much more diners miss about restaurants during coronavirus quarantine.