Method Man and Sour Patch Kids Rap It Out

Staff Writer
Watch the rapper's latest collab, called “World Gone Sour (The Lost Kids)"
Sour Patch Kids in Method Man's new music video
World Gone Sour (The Lost Kids)

Sour Patch Kids in Method Man's new music video

Here's a doozy: The latest pseudo-ad for a Sour Patch Kids video game is a music video from Method Man, best known for working with Mary J. Blige. In his latest single, he's backed up by a posse of candy.

Sample lyrics: "Coming back out the cracks of sofa and fanny packs/ This ain't a candy rap/ This is where the candy attacks." Some pranks the candies pull (according to the lyrics): Put bleach in your laundry, unfold your origami, cut the strings in your yo-yo, and trade your Lamborghini in for a Volvo. Watch below for more shenanigans.


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