This Guy Is Trying Every Pizzeria in Manhattan

Colin Hagendorf of Slice Harvester is on a quest to eat from every pizza joint in Manhattan

Colin Hagendorf, a waiter at a Brooklyn diner, took on the crazy New York pizza scene and vowed to eat at every slice-selling pizzeria in Manhattan (minus chains).

As of last week, he's had a slice at 362 of the 412 pizzerias in Manhattan (the latter number coming from the 2010 Yellow Pages).

"It's become a chore," Hagendorf told the Wall Street Journal, which isn't surprising since he started his pizza quarterly Slice Harvester more than a year ago. According to the WSJ, Hagendorf's rules are: "Only order plain cheese pizza; only eat at places selling individual slices; and no going back after canvassing an area to catch newly opened establishments."

As for the best pizza in New York? Hagendrof says it's at Pizza Suprema, across from Madison Square Garden. "It comes out looking beautiful, grease shimmering above the cheese," he told the WSJ. "You need that grease!"

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