Meet the Chef: Missy Robbins

JustLuxe's Q&A series with hot chefs features A Voce chef Missy Robbins

Missy Robbins

Have you always wanted to ask your favorite chef what they love to eat when they’re at home? Or perhaps what they think the next big food or dining trend will be? Look no further than this exclusive series of chef interviews by JustLuxe. So read on, as we bring you these answers and more — direct from the culinary masters themselves. Some of the most famous names in the industry, including legendary Michelin-starred chefs, have divulged exciting insider information and personal stories of their journey to the top just for our readers.

Restaurant: A Voce
Location: New York
Type of Cuisine: Italian
Accolades: America's Best New Chefs, Food & Wine Magazine (2010)

JustLuxe: At what point in your life did you decide to become a chef? What influenced you to do so?
Missy: I was a senior in college. I had always been very interested in restaurants but thought I would do something else and open one as a hobby later in life. I was fortunate to dine out a lot and travel at a very young age which was hugely influential over the years, but a meal at Charlie Trotter's my senior year of college made me decide it was what I really wanted to do.

JustLuxe: If you could give a word of advice to an aspiring chef, what would you say?
Missy: Be patient and take the time to learn and grow and understand technique. You can’t be a great chef without a solid foundation of basic skills, and too often young cooks are in a rush to get into management positions without really understanding the fundamentals of cooking.

JustLuxe: Where do you get inspiration for the design of your dishes and plating?
Missy: I definitely have a really linear style and when I think about the things I like in design, art, and furniture, they all sort of coincide: modern, clean lines — minimalism.

JustLuxe: What do you predict as the next big trend in cooking and/or the restaurant industry?
Missy: I think in a few years we might see a return to fine dining. There has been such a focus on casual dining over the last few years especially due to the economy that the cycle has to come back around at some point.

JustLuxe: Which season do you look forward to the most for its ingredients?
Missy: All of them. I get bored very quickly, so when it’s summer I am always looking forward to fall, when it’s fall and winter I am eager for spring.

JustLuxe: What places or cities in the world have influenced your cooking the most?
Missy: Definitely Italy.

JustLuxe: In your opinion, what innovation has recently influenced the restaurant industry in a significant way?
Missy: I think the use of a lot of new technology in kitchen equipment is influencing a lot of chefs and restaurant, however, I am still not on the bandwagon and prefer traditional cooking methods like grills.

JustLuxe: What would you say is the current climate of business in the restaurant industry?
Missy: I think the restaurant industry is always a challenging one and very dependent on the state of the economy. I am fortunate to work in thriving restaurants but I know there are a lot that continue to struggle and I think we all are cautiously optimistic.

JustLuxe: What is your favorite dish to prepare at home as opposed to the plate you enjoy preparing in the kitchen?
Missy: Really simple pasta with spicy tomato sauce. It’s not something I do very often in the restaurant and it is by far my go-to comfort food.

JustLuxe: Besides gastronomy, what other passions do you have?
Missy: Movies, photography, travel.


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