Meet Chef Chris

Meet Chef Chris

By Carly DeFilippo

3 stars in the New York Times. Sous Chef to Thomas Keller. Your ICE Chef Instructor.

From the Beatles to Lucille Ball, Charlie Chaplin to Oprah Winfrey—some of the greatest success stories come from unlikely candidates who were told they would never “make it.” But if ICE instructor Chef Chris Gesualdi was once an underdog, you’d never know it today.

ICE - Meet the Chefs - Chris Gesualdi

Even as a young culinary student, it was clear that Chef Chris' work ethic made him distinct from other cooks. His first step into the "big leagues" of cooking was volunteering in Chef Thomas Keller's kitchen at La Reserve (while sustaining another full-time job). Chris quickly became Keller's "right hand man" and sous chef, working alongside the celebrated chef for 7 years.

"The years I worked at La Reserve, Raphael's and Rakel were some of the most formidable of my career and Chris was there every day. His commitment, dedication and work ethic were unmatched and continue to be an example today. I am blessed to be able to call him a colleague and friend, and our profession is in a better place because of chefs like Chris who truly understand what it takes to be a chef.” - Thomas Keller