Mediterranean Fish Make Way to Norway

A southern fish has wandered north and surprised some Oslo fishermen


Bonito normally hang out in the Mediterranean, but they've been surprising fishermen as far north as Oslo. 

The bonito is an oily fish that tastes like mackerel. It normally hangs out in the Mediterranean, but they seem to be traveling for the summer, because last week fishermen in Norway were surprised to catch at least 17 of them in one week.

According to The Local, the fish were caught in Oslo fjord, where bonito are an unusual find. Researchers at the Institute of Marine Research in Berge, Norway, said the bonito might have been branching out because their home waters got too crowded for them.

"The reason why it has come is that there is a lack of space in the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, and the Black Sea, where it usually is found," said researcher Leif Nøttestad.

Bonito are often eaten in the Mediterranean, but people in other regions reportedly find them too oily to eat and prefer to save them for bait.

The bonito is known for being particularly difficult to catch because they pull hard and fight back, but Oslo fishermen say they’re ready for the challenge.


"It was incredibly strong and pulled my line out several times," said local fisherman Stian Wahlberg Kristiansen, who caught one of the surprise bonito. “We were clueless. We had never seen a fish like that before.”