Media Mix: Fodmaps; What's in Your Honey; and Tasting Exotic Fruits

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MEdia Mix
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MEdia Mix

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New Diet Eliminates Hard-to-Digest Foods: A diet called the Low-Fodmaps diet emphasizes eliminating foods that are often hard to digest. [WSJ]

Watch Your Honey Jar: Officials have found that most honey in America lacks pollen, which makes it harder to trace the honey's origin. Many fear this means that the honey comes from China, which has exported contaminated honey with the pollen removed in the past. [NPR]

Ex-Morton's Chef Sues for Sexual Harrassment: A former employee of the Morton's in Boca Raton, Fla., claims he suffered harrassment from other employees, including one who allegedly stuffed asparagus in his underwear. Even worse, the lawsuit claims the asparagus was then served to unsuspecting customers. [Food Safety News]

Tasting Nine Exotic Fruits: Ever wonder what a cherimoya tastes like? Here, tasters compare cherimoyas, durian, longan, and prickly pears. [Food Republic]

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