Media Mix: Paul McCartney's Cookbook; Sweets Lovers Are Sweeter; And Steve Jobs' Diet

The Daily Byte brings you all the food news fit to read.

You Are What You Eat: Research suggests that the type of food you choose reflects your personality. Example: People with a sweet tooth tend to have sweeter dispositions as well. [AOL]

Steve Jobs' Multiple Diets: The Apple genius fasted a lot, followed juice diets, and often ate single foods for weeks (like apples, fittingly). Also, he once spit out soup with butter in it. [EW]

Bluefin Tuna Laws Ineffective: Although the "catch" numbers of endangered bluefin tuna are down, trade numbers have actually increased. Countries are selling more than twice the standard, meaning bluefin is still being overfished. [Mother Jones]

McCartney's Meatless Cookbook: Sir Paul McCartney's co-authored cookbook, The Meat Free Monday Cookbook includes the musician's recipe for refried bean tacos, Twiggy's recipe for mozzarella pasta, and Kevin Spacey's lentil stew with pomegranate and halloumi. [Telegraph]

How Restaurants Rip You Off: Stay away from that $18 baked ziti and go for something complex with hard-to-find ingredients. Mainly, don't eat something you can make yourself. [Forbes]

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