Media Mix: Frosting Can't Fly; Sabering Champagne; and "Challa-peño" Food

We've rounded up the biggest headlines you may have missed this holiday weekend
Media Mix
Arthur Bovino

Media Mix

The Daily Byte brings you the biggest news from the food world.

TSA Stops Frosting at Security: A Transportation Security Administration agent confiscated a red velvet cupcake at security, claiming the frosting was too gel-like. The TSA web site says cakes and pies can pass through security, although the pastries may be subject to additional screening. Maybe the agent was hungry? [MSNBC]

Learn to Saber Champagne for New Year's: The Times looks at the "What Would Pirates Do?" mentality behind sabering champagne, plus runs a step-by-step tutorial. An interesting tidbit: The type of knife or blade used is relatively unimportant. [T Magazine]

Jewish and Mexican Fusion: What happens when Jewish chefs grow up in Mexico City? "Spicy turkey sandwich between two pieces of matzo" and fiesta potato latkes. [NPR]

Father's Work Hours May Affect Child Obesity: Studies shows a link between a father's irregular work schedule and the possibility of his child being overweight or obese. Researchers say "a father's odd work schedule could put additional time stresses on families, which may mean having to make concessions at mealtime." [Chicago Trib]

Frito-Lay Sued for False Labeling: A class action lawsuit has been filed against Frito-Lay, claiming the "all natural" labelling is misleading. [Mediabistro]

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