Media Mix: François Payard's Pet Peeve; Tokyo's Coffee Boom; and Bourdain's Best NY Meal

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Media Mix
Arthur Bovino

Media Mix

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Q&A with Anthony Bourdain:  Our favorite adventurer chatted about his drink ("Negroni if in a good mood. Bourbon or scotch if feeling bad about the world.") and why he likes the old Times Square better than the new. [NY Mag]

Pot Dispensers Get In the Christmas Spirit: According to the AP, plenty of medical marijuana dispensaries are stocking up on pumpkin and pepermint goodies, collecting canned food and clothes for charity, and otherwise doing good marketing. [AP]

Matchmaking Airline Lets You Choose Seatmates with Facebook: Dutch airline KLM plans to let customers share Facebook and LinkedIn profiles before their flight, so passengers traveling can pair up with like-minded individuals. [The Week]

François Payard at Home: An interview with the pastry chef reveals his pet peeve (having too much stuff on kitchen counters) and his favorite coffee maker. Also, we learn that he freezes and toasts his bread fresh daily, and he thinks America does sandwiches better than France. Aww, shucks. [WSJ]

A Guide to Coffee in Tokyo: Japanese kissaten (coffee shops) have been disappearing due to Western chains, but a select number of small, moody coffee bars are still serving up elegantly caffeinated experiences. [T Magazine]

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