Media Mix: Broccoli Is Better Whole; Ben & Jerry's Help Occupy Wall Street; And Joe Jonas' Favorite Chefs

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Don't Argue, and Eat Your Broccoli: Researchers have found that eating broccoli whole is more nutritious than popping supplemental pills. Emily Ho, a researcher at Oregon State University, discovered that broccoli, when eaten whole and mostly raw or steamed, will have more effective enzymes. [The Salt]

But Maybe Lay Off the Vitamins: Although we've been taught to take our multivitamins daily, a new study discovers that supplements may only be beneficial if you really need them. Older women who were taking additional supplements had higher mortality rates than women who were not taking vitamins. [BBC]

Peek Inside Four and Twenty Blackbirds: Edible Selby brings his camera and audio recorder to the Gowanus pie shop. The owners on pie crust: "I think it's challenging and it's sculptural. It's not just about making sure all the chemistry is right. It's more intuitive." [T Magazine]

Peanut Butter Prices to Rise: First pumpkin, now peanuts. A summer crop shortage means peanut butter manufacturers will have to raise prices. Time to cut back on those PB&Js. [WSJ]

Ice Cream for Occupy Wall Street: Socially savvy Ben & Jerry's came out in support of the protesters, saying, "We realize that Occupy Wall Street is calling for systemic change. We support this call to action and are honored to join you in this call to take back our nation and democracy." Maybe this flavor will become reality. [Ben & Jerry's] 

Joe Jonas: Kid Star Turned Foodie: Now that this Jonas brother is looking to go solo, he's revamping his image with swanky suits and swanky dinners. Apparently, he wants to start a food blog and really, really likes Tim Love's rattlesnake tacos, Susan Feniger, Mario Batali, and Ferran Adrià. "If there's a chef I really like, I will freak, because I think their talent is so different from what I do," he says. Aww, starstruck celebs. [Dispatch]

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