Media Mix: Viagra Fungus; Real-Life Sweeney Todds; and a Hot Dog-Throwing Tiger Woods Fan

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Media Mix: Viagra Fungus; Real-Life Sweeney Todds; and a Hot Dog-Throwing Tiger Woods Fan
Arthur Bovino

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Pricier Than Black Truffles: There’s a fungus that eats a caterpillar from the inside, and it sells for $50,000 per pound. It is the most expensive fungus in the world, and it’s known as the “Viagra of the Himalayas.” [NPR]

Fan Throws Hot Dog at Tiger Woods: During the last round of the Open, a spectator ran towards Tiger Woods and threw a hot dog at him. “He's just an idiot," said the tournament’s director of security. Police say the man claims “he wasn't throwing the hot dog at Woods, rather tossing it in the air.” For fun? [ESPN]

Sweeney Todd in Real Life: A Russian chef reportedly murdered his father-in-law and ground up the flesh to serve in meat pies. This isn’t even the first time cannibalism has occurred: In 2009, two men killed and ate a 16-year-old girl, another man killed and ate his mother, and in August, one chef made meatballs and sausages of his victim, who he contacted through a gay dating website. Apologies for the gruesome Monday morning news. [Daily Mail]

Listeria Death Toll Rises to 21: The cantaloupe outbreak’s death toll is now tied with the 1998 listeria outbreak in hot dogs. The deadliest listeria outbreak is believed to be a 1985 Mexican soft cheese infection, which led to 52 deaths. [CBS]

California Shark Fin Ban Starts 2013: Governor Jerry Brown signed the shark fin ban today, making the possession, sale, and distribution of the imported delicacy illegal in the state. It is the fourth state to do so, following Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington. [SFGate]

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