McDonald's Workers Offended By Moschino Fashion Line

McDonald’s workers are claiming that Moschino’s newest line of McDonald’s- inspired clothing is offensive
Mcvitanovic Splash News

This sweater has angered fast food workers everywhere, who call it "insensitive"

Moschino, the high-brow Italian fashion line, is coming under fire for their newest line of clothing which features $1000 red and yellow dresses and $800 sweaters printed with the familiar golden arches (albeit with the McDonald’s logo curved into a heart-shaped M, presumably so as to avoid copyright infringement). But even though Moschino’s new creative director has said, according to The Daily Mail, that he was simply drawing inspiration from McDonald’s as an iconic brand, fast food workers — many of whom work for a minimum wage — have said that the luxury line mocks them.[related]

“I know the poor environment a minimum wage employee works in,” an anonymous New York-based McDonald’s worker told The Daily Mail. “For people working in the highly paid fashion world to think it is "trendy" to wear clothes inspired by the uniforms we put on every day to feed our kids makes me sad.”

Pop star Katy Perry was recently spotted wearing one of the Moschino McDonald's dresses, and clutching a matching tote. The fall/winter collection doesn’t just feature McDonald’s though, it also featured other beloved brands and companies like Cheetos, Hershey’s, Froot Loops, and SpongeBob SquarePants. Moschino declined to comment.

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UPDATE: "With 35,000 restaurants in 120 countries, we like to celebrate McDonald's as part of the fabric that weaves the world together," a McDonald's representative told The Daily Meal. "Apparently Moschino agrees, as they’ve featured our iconic brand on the catwalk.”