McDonald's UK Replacing Happy Meal Toys with Books

As readers and writers, we approve

While McDonald's in the United States might be focusing on battling obesity (with its apple slices and smaller portions), across the pond, Mickey D's is gearing up to be the U.K.'s largest children's book distributor.

The Daily Mail reports that McDonald's has teamed up with the National Literacy Trust, Dorling Kindersley, and WH Smith to distribute 15 million books in England over the next two years, all through its Happy Meals.

One book will be included with a Happy Meal, and additional vouchers for books will also be available. Currently, the featured books are part of the "Amazing World" series, where kids learn about stars and planets, big cats, the Arctic and Antarctic, and  the Rainforest.


"When children own their own books, it makes a huge difference to their reading," National Literacy Trust head Conal Presho told The Guardian. "Our focus is on using any way we can to encourage children to read, and to read anything they can, whether that's menus in restaurants, non-fiction books, or magazines — anything which spreads children's enjoyment of reading."