McDonald's Stocks Tumbled Today, Topping Off a Sad Summer

Staff Writer
A roundup of various summer shenanigans at the golden arches

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

It has not been a good summer for McDonald’s.

In July, an off-duty manager punched a patron in the face for bringing in a service dog. This week, toxic fumes were found in a Georgia Mickey D’s, resulting in nine hospitalizations and one death. A Minnesota employee was reportedly skimming credit cards while working the drive-thru.

And today, McDonald's announced their August worldwide revenue growth of 3.5 percent, almost 1.5 percent lower than expected. Accordingly, the fast food giant’s stock tumbled this morning and is steadily decreasing, down 5 percent this afternoon.

Still, the corporation is working on rebranding itself abroad, spending up to $1 billion to revamp 1,400 Canadian branches. This supposedly means fireplaces, plasma TVs, and leather armchairs, making us Americans a little green with envy. Canadians get fireplaces, Japan gets taco meat and tortilla chip burgers, and all we get are the occasional McRib sandwiches and stock market scares?

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