McDonald's Reveals Why Burgers in Their Commercials Look Tastier

They say it's the same exact burger, just styled

McDonald's Burger Comparison

It's no surprise that burgers are always smaller and less impressive in real life, but here, McDonald's wants to show all you potential customers that the advertised burger and real burger are exactly the same. The model burger, however, just gets a ton more prep time and a little bit of a touch-up.

McDonald's Canada (the accent makes everything better) brought a corporate representative behind the scenes to show you how food stylists plump up a Quarter Pounder, melting the cheese just so, using syringes to place mustard and ketchup in the perfect spot. They're quick to note, however, that the exact same ingredients are used. It's just in advertising, they spend hours making it look good.

The McDonald's representative also claims that the actual burger shrinks inside the box, blaming the steam and the design that keeps the burger warm. Right. Watch below and compare to burger styling of the 1980s. At least there aren't any pins involved.


Jessica Chou is an associate editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @jesschou.