McDonald's McCafé: An Evolution

From upgraded coffee items to fruit smoothies, a look at McDonald's McCafé line

Over the past several years, McDonald’s Corp.’s sales growth has outpaced many of its major quick-service peers in the United States. While company executives credit a balanced approach of marketing core products, its Dollar Menu, and premium items like Angus Third Pounders, they also regularly have cited the McCafé beverage line as a major sales driver.

Since its nationwide rollout in May 2009, McCafé has helped McDonald’s grow its coffee sales from 2 percent of U.S. sales to more than 6 percent, while combining with the Breakfast Dollar Menu to strengthen a morning daypart in which the chain is considered a pioneer and leader.

Timeline: Take a quick look at how McCafé has changed over time

But as McDonald’s has expanded McCafé from espresso-based drinks to include premium frozen beverages like Frappés and Real Fruit Smoothies, the platform continues to support growing increases in same-store sales. The following is a look at the evolution of McCafé, from its first lattes and cappuccinos to its Mango Pineapple Real Fruit Smoothie, launched in June.

First up: McCafé debuts and McCafé Frappés