Embarrassed Mom Apologizes For Son's Lewd McDonald's Parody Shirt

A Texas mom is going viral this week with a public apology she posted to Facebook after she says she accidentally sent her 10-year-old to school wearing what she thought was a T-shirt with an innocent McDonald's logo. It turned out to be an lewd parody of the famed chain symbol instead.

According to Fox News, Shelly McCullar says her son went to school on Wednesday, April 4, wearing a red shirt bearing what looked like the McDonald's logo. She later realized that the "M" shape she'd mistaken for an image of the Golden Arches was actually a depiction of a pair of wide-spread women's legs wearing high heels, beneath the slogan "I'm loving it."

When she discovered what was actually on her son's shirt, she said, she was hugely embarrassed. She promptly posted an apology to Facebook, noting that she'd received the shirt in a box of hand-me-down clothes and hadn't had a chance to go through them closely.


"Once again, my sincere apologies to the teachers and staff at Travis Elementary," McCullar wrote. "I promise from now on to monitor what my kids are wearing! I had no idea Anthony wore this to school!!

"Just to clarify, I would never let my kid wear something like this. A friend had given me some hand me down clothes for Anthony. I haven't had the chance to completely go through them. I will tonight though!!"

McCullar's post has since gone viral, and it's been shared more than 100,000 times in just a week. Most of the people commenting seemed to think the situation was pretty funny. McCullar said her son did not get in trouble for the shirt, and her son told her his teachers also seemed to have failed to notice that he was not wearing an ordinary McDonald's shirt. For more surprising McDonald's facts, check out these 11 things you didn't know about the restaurant.