Every McDonald's In Japan Is Now A Pokemon Go Gym Or PokeStop

Pokemon Go is still going strong weeks after its U.S. release, and now it has finally launched in Japan, where users were thrilled to discover that every single McDonald's in the country is either a Pokemon Gym or a PokeStop.

Pokemon Go is an "augmented reality" game wherein players physically travel to real-world locations to find virtual Pokemon and Pokemon-hunting items like Pokeballs and eggs. Now the players of Japan might be consuming a lot more hamburgers while they play, because according to Rocket News 24, there will be gyms and PokeStops in all the nearly 3,000 McDonald's restaurants in Japan.

Gyms are where players compete in "Pokemon battles" to take control of locations, and PokeStops are places that generate in-game items like Pokeballs. PokeStops can also be set with "lure modules" that summon Pokemon to the area, so people can just camp out and wait for the Pokemon to come to them.

Thanks to a partnership with McDonald's Japan, 400 McDonald's have been set up as Pokemon Gyms, and the other 2,500 are PokeStops.