McDonald’s Japan Rolls Out Limited-Edition Prawn and Macaroni Burger

McDonald’s Japan just got an enormous macaroni and shrimp burger

McDonald's Japan's famous Prawn and Macaroni Croquette Burger is back in a new and improved form, but just for a limited time. 

McDonald’s Japan always gets the coolest limited-edition items, but the newest one looks like something really special.


According to Rocket News 24, the “Gurakoro” burger is a giant fried prawn and macaroni croquette served with lettuce on a hamburger bun. The croquette is crispy and hot, and full of rich, creamy macaroni and prawn filling that is a bit spicy.

The prawn macaroni croquette burger is a limited-edition item that has turned up at regular intervals at McDonald’s Japan over the last two decades. It enjoys cult status, similar to the McRib in the U.S. This year, though, McDonald’s Japan said it updated the recipe to make it even richer.

The prawn and macaroni croquette burger also comes topped with Cheddar cheese and demi-glaze sauce, which is said to be a nice complement to the spicy croquette filling. 


The burgers sell for about $3 apiece, but the limited-time offer is expected to end in early January.