McDonald's Japan Gets Pie à La Mode

Earlier this year some Internet geniuses petitioned McDonald's to create a "fried ice cream pie" dessert that combines the chain's apple pie and soft-serve ice cream. That idea might be impossible with current foodservice technology, but McDonald's Japan has come up with the next best thing: Pie à la Mode.

According to Rocket News 24, McDonald's Japan will be offering the Pie à la Mode as a limited-time offering next month. They first started combining their fried apple pies and soft-serve ice cream as a combined item last year, and it went over so well they decided to do it again in some different flavors. The first incarnations were available with an apple pie in vanilla ice cream, drizzled in either chocolate or strawberry syrup. This year the dessert will come with either chocolate or maple syrup on top.

McDonald's Pie à la Mode will sell for 250 yen or about $2.08 starting January 6. Those diners not currently in Japan might have to take matters into their own hands by ordering a soft-serve ice cream and an apple pie and then combining them by hand. It might be a little more work, but would probably taste just as good.