McDonald's Japan Jumps On The Black Burger Bandwagon

Japan is really having a black food moment right now. First there was Burger King's all-black cheeseburger, then Disney World Tokyo's black hot dog, and now McDonald's Japan has jumped on the bandwagon with a black burger special of its own for Halloween.

The McDonald's version is a bit less avant garde than Burger King's black cheeseburgers. While the Burger King burgers are served topped with pitch black cheese on buns dyed black with charcoal, McDonald's version sports more conventional orange cheese, and its bun is colored with the somewhat more conventional squid ink. It has two beef patties and is also topped with crispy fried onions for 370 yen, or $3.40.

According to Rocket News 24, McDonald's Japan has only released its black burgers to three restaurants in Tokyo's Shinjuku neighborhood. But if the black food trend continues to spread, maybe these black burgers will be available around Japan in time for Halloween.