McDonald's Tests Fried Cheese Curds In Wisconsin

McDonald's newest limited-time offering is virtually guaranteed to be a hit in Wisconsin, because it's a pile of one of that state's favorite specialties: deep-fried cheese curds.

According to BrandEating, McDonald's launched its new deep-fried cheese curds in Milwaukee last week. The rest of Wisconsin waited patiently for its turn, and as of Monday, November 28, the brand-new fried cheese curds will be available in all McDonald's units throughout the state. McDonald's is selling its version in four-ounce servings. 

The limited-time deal was produced in partnership with the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, and the cheese curds will reportedly be made with local cheese produced in Wisconsin. 

This is the first time McDonald's has tried fried cheese curds, but the dish is considered to be a popular delicacy in Wisconsin, and this limited-time special is sure to be a big hit. It will only be available for a limited time, though, so people looking to try out McDonald's version of fried cheese curds will have to get to a Wisconsin unit as soon as possible.