Feast Your Eyes On McDonald's Holiday Pies

The holiday pies are back at McDonald's, and dedicated fans can't wait for their chance to flake out over the seasonal treat. The pies feature a creamy, smooth vanilla custard filling wrapped inside a flaky, buttery crust that's topped with sugar and rainbow sprinkles. Maybe not as traditional a winter dessert as pumpkin pie or figgy pudding, but a tasty treat for sure.

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The holiday pies are offered for a limited time only, but only at participating locations, McDonald's told The Daily Meal. The company said the pies are baked fresh daily in its restaurants.

The Holiday Pies are a popular topic on social media, where fans are excited about the dessert's return.

Many are wondering when and where their local McDonald's will offer the treat.

"While we haven't released an official date for the Holiday Pies, their availability will be decided by (each) location's owner/operator," McDonald's said on its Facebook page. "We recommend letting your local restaurant know that you'd love to see them back on the menu.

According to The Today Show, the pies were introduced around 2012. Individual franchise owners must decide if they want to offer the treat or not. Fans who can find them should feel lucky that the holiday pies are back. After all, many McDonald's items live only a short life. Here are 15 McDonald's items you'll never see again.