Geniuses Petition McDonald's For McFried Ice Cream Pie

If two things taste good, someone will decide to try combining them. That's how we got peanut butter cups and now a new campaign is looking to make that magic happen with McDonald's apple pie and vanilla soft serve.

McDonald's hot apple pie and soft serve ice cream are two of the most beloved items on the chain's dessert menu, and they are even better together. Normally that's achieved manually, by dipping the pie into the ice cream and trying to eat it before it melts, but according to Foodbeast a new campaign is petitioning McDonald's to make the McFried Ice Cream Pie a reality.

"Classic soft serve fried into McDonald's Apple Pie? It's the product that should always have existed," the campaign website at says. They have a point.

The product, which the campaign's website describes as, "somewhere between McDream and reality," would theoretically involve vanilla soft serve ice cream inside the apple pie. The pie would still be hot, and the ice cream would still be cold, which might make the product a bit of a pipe dream, but the website's Photoshopped product photos do look delicious.

So far 972 have signed the petition asking McDonald's to defy the laws of physics and put the magic dessert on the menu. While they gather more supporters, check out our best fried ice cream recipes.