Chicken McNuggets Dispute Turns Into Brawl At Indiana McDonald's

Some McDonald's restaurants play classical music to try to prevent late-night drunk fights from breaking out, and recently a waiter with mixed martial arts training made a robber regret trying to target an IHOP. But this weekend a fight over some Chicken McNuggets turned into an all-out brawl at an Indianapolis McDonald's recently, with women allegedly climbing through the drive-thru window to throw some punches.

According to the Indianapolis Star, the fight started around 2:30 a.m. on Friday, when two women picking up their order from the window of a McDonald's drive-thru said they had not received the right number of Chicken McNuggets. The women reportedly wanted 10, but the manager said they had only actually ordered four. The women asked if they could buy the extra McNuggets there, but the manager told them they'd have to drive all the way around and get back in line again to place a second order. Then he reportedly told the women to "have a nice day," and turned away.

That's when things seemed to get way out of hand. The woman reportedly started banging on the window, shouting, and honking their horn. They even allegedly climbed out of their car and through the restaurant's window, where they allegedly assaulted an employee.

The woman in the next car started filming the incident on her phone. At first she thought it was a robbery.

"I had just placed my order and I was driving around the corner when I heard all this shouting," Monique McNeely said. "And I saw two girls just dive through the drive-through window. Then I started recording, because I knew this was going to be an important video."

McNeely posted the video to Facebook, and news of the "Chicken McNugget Incident" started going viral. McNeely has been interviewed by news outlets as far away as New Zealand.

The restaurant's security cameras were reportedly not working, so McNeely's video is the only record of the incident. She said she gave it to the restaurant, who gave it to the police. Police are reportedly investigating, but there have not yet been any arrests in what could well go down as one of the most memorable crimes to ever happen at a fast-food restaurant.