McDonald's Charging for Extra Ketchup in Manhattan

Apparently it's another quarter or so for a couple extra packets of the condiment

Sure, McDonald's might be a cheap meal, but some McDonald's around New York City are charging extra for extra ketchup packets, DNAinfo reports.

A reporter found that 35 McDonald's south of Central Park were charging customers who asked for extra ketchup in addition to the two packets given; outer-borough restaurants in Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, and the Bronx were not found to charge extra for ketchup.

"We want to control condiment cost," one manager said, who has implemented a ketchup fee since 2011.

A spokeswoman for McDonald's notes that all 300 McDonald's franchises in New York City are run by private owners, and they are allowed to give out condiments however they like. The spokeswoman noted that they are allowed to give them out as individual packets or have dispensers and charge for extra condiments as needed.


Of course, in the past McDonald's has also started charging for sweet and sour sauces (back in 2010 it was $0.40).