McDonald's CEO Claims 'We Don't Sell Junk Food'

A 9-year-old asked why Thompson wasn't serving healthier food. Here's his response

Last week when an adorable 9-year-old spoke up to McDonald's CEO Don Thompson about healthy eating, the media world went aflutter about the precocious girl's questions. But of course, the response is even more interesting.

"I don't think [it's] fair when big companies try to [talk]kids into eating foods that isn't good for them by using toys and cartoons characters," the girl said, according to a transcript.

"I made cooking videos with my mom that showcase that eating healthy can be fine and yummy... Mr. Thompson don't you want to kids to be healthy so they can live a happy life?" she later added.

His response? Thompson points out that McDonald's is focusing on being healthier (despite having one of the unhealthiest kids' meals out there) and claims their food isn't junk food.

"We don't sell junk food Hannah," he said. "My kids also [ate] McDonald’s, when they were about your size... We serve a lot of foods and veggies at McDonald’s and are trying to sell even more with the apples that we introduced into the Happy Meal."


He also notes that they're working on introducing kiwis, pineapples, and more in salads, while they've swapped in fat-free milk and vegetables. But still, let's all admit that a cheeseburger isn't the same as a turkey sandwich.