McDonald's Apparently Getting French Fry Monopoly at the Olympics

In a crazy clause, McDonald's bans other vendors from serving fries (unless it's with fish)

Well, this is kind of insane: According to the Telegraph, McDonald's sponsorship deal for the Olympics includes a crazy clause that bans other vendors from serving fries.

"Due to sponsorship obligations with McDonalds, LOCOG have instructed the Catering team that they are no longer able to serve chips on their own anywhere within Olympic Park," the clause reads. "The only loop hole to this is if it is served with fish."

Naturally, we agree that fried fish would be nothing without chips (as they call it on the other side of the pond), but McDonald's embargo on all other fried potato goodness is a bit greedy.

The Guardian confirmed this ban, writing, "To sell fish and chips, the London organizing committee (Locog) had to get a special dispensation from McDonald's, the official restaurant sponsor, which is expected to provide 10 percent of meals served at the Games. Under its deal with the International Olympic Committee, the fast-food chain had the sole rights to sell chips or french fries. It allows Locog's caterers to sell fish and chips, but not chips on their own." Yeesh.

Fortunately, the rest of the Olympic village will be serving up fresh fruit, different types of olives, and all sorts of British food. But that was pretty sneaky, Mickey D's. We're onto you now.

Jessica Chou is an associate editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @jesschou.