McDonald’s Tests Out New Breakfast Pastries

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Will McDonald's new pastries be coming soon to a golden arches location near you?

San Diego is the test kitchen for the brand-new McDonald’s McCafé Petite Pastries,[related] which look a little like toaster strudels, and are available with either cinnamon cream cheese or raspberry filling. For now, the pastries are only $1.29 for two and a coffee (funnily enough, two pastries without coffee cost $1.99).

The San Diego McDonald’s website says that, “Each of the McCafé Petite Pastries we bake is made with real butter and has light, flaky layers of dough wrapped around either raspberry or cinnamon cream cheese filling.”


The new breakfast items have already hit Twitter with people saying, “They were delicious! So good my wife and I had to go get more."

But not everyone was happy.

No word yet on when  these puff pastries will hit McDonald’s outlets nationwide, but San Diego was once the test kitchen for McDonald’s favorites like the premium roast coffee and Sausage McGriddles, so it’s likely you will be seeing these sweet concoctions at your local Mickey D’s soon.

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